Vazhakkai podimas

Vazhakkai aka raw banana is one of the fav vegetable at home because of its ability to be made into a fried version; and at this point we ascertain our unfathomable loyalty to anything prepared in oil.

To break this oily comfortness, vazhakkai is made into a podimas version at home which is even more comforting on the palette.

Make sure to buy fully grown raw bananas and not the tender ones.

Take one vazhakkai and cut into 3 equal parts after trimming the ends.

Take about a litre of water, bring it to a boil, add a pinch of turmeric powder and a half tsp of salt.

Immerse the 3 pieces of vazhakkai and let it cook to half-done consistency. Cooking it soft will mush up the podimas. So extreme care should be taken to remove it from the hot water at the exact half-cooked time. This can be checked by inserting a pin or a knife.

Let the vazhakkai cool. Peel the skin. Grate the vazhakkai in a grater.

Take a pan, add about 2 tsp oil. When oil is hot, add 1tsp of mustard. When mustard pops, add 1/2 tsp urid dal and 1/2tsp chenna dal. Add 1 green chilli finely chopped. Add 1″ ginger finely grated. Add in a few curry leaves. Now add in the grated vazhakkai, sprinkle required amount of salt and mix well.

Add 1tbsp of grated coconut.

Switch off and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice.

Mix well and vazhakkai podimas is ready to serve.


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