Welcome to the Food Tales from my Kitchen, where I promise you that there won’t be a dearth of options which you can easily cook in your kitchen and make your meal time a memorable and lip-smacking one.

The inspirations to the foodie me are many…

I adore Nigella Lawson and her episodes in Television are literally my gurukul, where I am myself.  I didn’t know her during my initial cooking years, which began 16 yrs ago.  The passion which she shows while cooking certainly gets transferred to the viewer, don’t you agree ???

My amma’s cooking was my source of inspiration. I had always observed her cooking and grown up learning the nuances of each and every dish. Even though she never taught me any recipe explicitly, I remember them so vividly in memory, as she had cooked it.


One more fantastic person who inspired me to cook is my patti. The patience, dedication and will power she demonstrates are amazing. The importance in following the cooking techniques to perfection was best learnt from her. Even tedious processes are followed so precisely to make the dish an outstanding one.


Another amazing person in my cooking journey is my mother-in-law. She taught me the courage to try new recipes without being scared of the outcome. The josh and the child-like quality to experiment, which she displays in the kitchen is something fabulous that I try hard to emulate.


My husband is fantastic in cooking some new and different dishes, always thinking out of the box.  Since he is not so familiar with the traditional recipes, he gives a twist to the recipe so easily and beautifully, that a new dish is created.  Sometimes, I improvise on his ideas and the end result is so fabulous. He is one of the reasons that I courageously tried out Bengali dishes, about which I had no idea before.  The most important thing is whatever he puts together in a pan, blend to create a fantastic dish. And this is something I greatly adore about him.


It’s something that makes a dish click. Two people can cook the same recipe but the results can be as vast as earth and sky.  That’s when I discovered that the secret ingredient to make the dish reach up to the skies is love.


This blog may not be about fancy recipes with a twist, but is certainly about basic recipes which I’ve tried out in my kitchen and how those dishes made an impact on me. It’s all about how I remember each and every dish and how they hold a place in my heart – you can probably call it the tales from my cooking journey or the journey tales of my taste buds.


And of course, without my wonderful family to taste my dishes, I would never be here, documenting my kitchen tales. 🙂


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  1. Hi Uma

    I am writing to you on behalf of Quaker India.
    For some time now, we’ve been following your blog and we thought you should know what an amazing job you’re doing! Your passion for food clearly comes through in your work along with your conscientious attitude towards health.
    Would request if you can share your contact details (email & contact no.) with us to explore opportunities of working together.

    Himani Bathla
    Team Quaker India

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