There’s a saying that says that the people belonging to the banks of the River Kaveri, are those people with an impeccable taste and verbal skills. The human tongue performs the dual role of taste and talk. These people who have been brought up by drinking this Kaveri water are sure to be highly skilled in verbal / linguistic skills and are great foodies too. I am very proud of this fact, as I belong to one of the towns on the banks of the River Kaveri, in Tamil Nadu. Many people from the towns along the banks of the river Kaveri, are certain to use either their verbal skills or their food tasting / cooking skills to the fullest, in their career.

My foodie love is explicitly expressed in the various sections in this blog.

We always begin our meal with a sweet payasam or kesari (sooji halwa), as its very important to satisfy the tip of the tongue which holds the Sweet Taste Receptors.  Once the sweet taste buds are satisfied, the other foods can easily follow suit.

Kezhvaragu Vella Adai


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